Novel Package

 I’ve recommended Margo to all of my writing friends and colleagues. There’s nobody else I’d send my work to. I hired her to critique my middle-grades historical fiction manuscript. She pointed out the positives but she also told me what I needed to hear if I ever wanted my manuscript to get published: the story needed major revisions. However, Margo gave me specific suggestions for scenes to add and some guidelines to help me map out the story. My manuscript was 27,000 words. I scrapped most of it, built it back up and now it’s 50,000 words long. I just got her critique on my rewrite (yes, she’s so good, I hired her again) and will spend the next couple of weeks tweaking it. (Margo notices every tiny detail along with keeping the large picture in mind.) Because of Margo Dill, my manuscript is now a compelling and heartfelt story… and eventually it will be a book. 

~Sioux Roslawski  from http://siouxspage.blogspot.com

 Margo Dill provides me with excellent and thorough feedback for my middle grade novel. She pinpointed a few key improvements I could make about pacing and stakes that significantly improved my work. Her analysis was thorough and insightful. ~Sylvia Liu , from www.enjoyingplanetearth.com  

 Margo did a great job editing my first novel, Baker Mountain. Credit for much of its success belongs to her for helpful comments and great eye for writing technique. ~Doyle Suit, St. Charles, MO 

General Editing

 Margo and I have built an honest relationship which is important to have with your editor. She tells me what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, when a piece is not working, she offers excellent suggestions on how to fix it. ~Kathryn Schleich, from kathrynschleich.com 

 I have been using Margo as an editor on and off for years now. She is a pleasure to work with. Very professional. Her editing skills are excellent and has really helped my writing over the years. I currently am using her for writing coaching, and she is great with giving me the advice and guidance I need to progress with my novel. I would (and do) recommend her to every writer I know. ~Editor 911 client 

 I hire Margo on an on-going basis to copyedit drafts of a graphic novel I’m producing.  She consistently completes the assignments with detailed annotations regarding narrative clarity and consistency.  ~Tim Hammack, St Charles, MO 


I am a former student of one of WOW’s fantastic writing courses given by Margo Dill. I was also a client for her editing services. Having worked with numerous writing teachers, coaches, and editors in the course of my writing career, I must say that Ms. Dill stands, solidly, at the top of the pack.  ~Frances Brown writing as Claire Gem, Multi-published/award winning author.

(Click here to visit Claire’s website.) 

 I have taken multiple classes offered by Margo L. Dill, and I have used her editing services; I highly recommend both. She has a terrific eye for detail, which is good because I hate commas, semicolons, and automatic word checkers. I actually look forward to reading her comments about my novel because her suggestions and questions help guide me to add clarity and depth to my story. Working with Margo will guarantee one thing; she will help you become a better writer. ~Betty L. Popp 

Children's Book Editing

When I enrolled in Margo’s Writing For Children and Young Adults class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. She guided me through my first attempt to write a chapter book for young readers. Margo is an excellent editor, pointing out issues I didn’t know were problems and suggesting ways to fix them.

~Gwendolyn Hooks (Twitter: @gwenthegreat) and  http://gwendolynhooks.com/  

 Just finished making all the excellent changes and corrections you recommended.  You taught me so much through your notes, detailing not only what you were changing, but why.  In several places where I somehow knew I wanted a different word, but just didn’t seem to be able to find it, you nailed it! ~Marla Schachtel, author of The Life of a Dog Living in a Cat’s World 

 As I struggled with several issues on my middle grade novel, I signed up for one of Margo’s WOW! classes. Margo’s information and critiques were super helpful and put me back on the right track. The structure of the class was perfect for my busy schedule, and the motivation from Margo was just what I needed. I highly recommend Margo and Editor 911!~Kit Klein, St. Louis, MO 

Articles/Blog Posts

 Margo has been a great help to me over the years in making my online blog posts and articles better. She’s great to work with and gives fast turnaround times! ~Dr. Chantal Marie Gagnon, Ph.D., LMHC from  http://lifecounselor.net/ 

 Margo Dill is a top-notch editor and a joy to work with. I’ve worked with Margo for the past ten years at WOW, where she is managing editor, instructor, blogger, and social media manager. She edits all of WOW’s e-zine articles, and critiques short stories for our contests. Margo will pore over every detail of your writing to transform it into a publishable manuscript. She weeds out typos, fixes grammar and punctuation issues, performs developmental edits, line edits—all with a keen editorial eye and an attention to your voice. I’ve hired her for ghostwriting projects as well. Margo’s technical and craft knowledge combined with her fierce work ethic and attention to deadlines assure that you’ll receive remarkable editing services. If you have the opportunity to work with Margo, you’ll feel as fortunate as I do. I give her my highest recommendation! 

~ Angela Mackintosh, publisher, WOW! Women On Writing 


 I found Margo with Editor 911 to be efficient and kind. She was straightforward with edits suggested and utilized a user friendly format even for new authors. Margo was easy to work with, well-versed in appropriate use of grammar, and assisting with making my writing sound more professional and less conversational. I will use her services again when I finally write that next book! 

~Amie L Merz, author of Living with a Rock Star and a Superhero .

Fiction Writing and More

 Margo Dill is amazing! She helped through the developmental stages of writing my first publishable work, a novella called He Said His Name Was Micah. She is also a wonderful line editor as well. I could not have finished my novella, which is coming soon in fall 2017. Check out tearrarhodes.com for more details and updates. I’d recommend her services to any author whether novice or experienced. The experience of writing my first novella was made all the more enjoyable and not as stressful by working with Margo Dill

.~Tearra Rhodes from  https://www.tearrarhodes.com/ 

 Margo’s edits are clear, concise and insightful, and her comments helped me to better understand my characters and their motivations. Highly recommend. ~Monica C.  

 I owe my renewed enthusiasm for my long-suffering novel to Margo’s WOW! Writing a Novel with a Writing Coach class. Her critiques were informative and respectful. I’m now refocusing the novel and will take this course again. I highly recommend Margo. ~Elizabeth Maggio 

 I highly recommend the services offered by Margo L. Dill. I have taken several of her classes offered by WOW and learned and benefited from each one. They fit nicely in my time and monetary budget. ~Sheila Renfro