Editing and Content Writing Packages

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Email Margo at margolynndill (at) gmail.com to request your package and receive an invoice. Payments can be made through Paypal or with a check/money order.

NOVEL DRAFT Package (This can also be used for memoirs/short story collections and even self-help books!)

Are you lost on how to turn your draft into a published book? Are you too close to it? Do you need someone to read the whole thing and give you some suggestions–what is working and what is not? Margo can help! In this package, she will

  • Read through your draft (up to 55,000 words–longer works will still be discounted–check with me for pricing. This package was originally created for NaNoWriMo writers). (Printed pages snail-mailed are preferred.) (Value $300 for up to 55,000 words)
  • Create a bullet point list of what works in the draft and what doesn’t. (Value $50.00)
  • Write a one-page letter on suggestions for revision and what to do next. (Value $50.00)
  • Schedule a 30-min Skype, in-person (depending on your location), or phone call meeting to discuss suggestions and answer questions. (Value $30.00)
  • 25 percent off on future services on this manuscript only (no expiration date). (Value= hundreds of dollars in savings depending on your future needs)
Cost: Up to 55,000 words: $275.00 (Value is $430+)
Between 55,001 and 75,000 words: $325.00
Between 75,001 and 100,000 words: $375.00
Over 100,000 words–please contact me!

**To see a testimonial from an Editor 911 Novel Draft Package client, click here and here.

Writing Coach Package

Writing coach sessions can be used to discuss writing career goals, hold yourself to a specific deadline, figure out where (and how) to submit your work, talk about your brand and marketing platform, create a marketing plan, or brainstorm plot ideas. For example, writers have used writing coach sessions to discuss a novel and stay on track with word count, to figure out how to market a book and follow through on these ideas, to discuss where to go next in a writing career, and more. These sessions currently cost $30 for a 30-min phone or Skype conversation and $50 for 60 minutes. If you purchase a writing-coach package, you receive a discount on the regular rate, and you can use the sessions at any time, where Margo’s schedule and yours coordinate. Margo will meet people in person if you live within 25-miles of her and are purchasing at least an hour at a time, and you would prefer in-person sessions. (She lives in St. Louis, MO). Sessions DO NOT have to be used before January 31, 2018, only purchased before that date–packages do not expire.

Package 1: THREE 30-minute (90 min total) sessions  for $80  (Value $90.00)
Package 2: THREE 60-minute (180 min total) sessions for $130 (Value $150.00)
Package 3: FIVE 60-min (300 min total) sessions for  $215 (Value $250.00)

Picture Book Package

“Just finished making all the excellent changes and corrections you recommended.  You taught me so much through your notes, detailing not only what you were changing, but why.  In several places where I somehow knew I wanted a different word, but just didn’t seem to be able to find it, you nailed it!” ~Marla Schachtel, author of The Life of a Dog Living in a Cat’s World

Do you have a picture book you need help with? For $50 (1000 words* or less), you will receive:

  • A summary of what works in the manuscript and suggestions for revision
  • Email questions back and forth (Instead of email Q and A, I can provide a 15-20 minute phone call for no extra charge, once you receive my suggestions, if that is more helpful to you! You can decide.)
  • Send one revision back to me whenever you complete it
  • Line edits (proofreading) on the revision and comments on how the story works overall
For Manuscripts 1000 words or Less: $50 package (Regular Price $65.99)
For manuscripts between 1000 and 2000 words: $75 Package (regular price $89.99)

*Most publishers and literary agents are looking for picture books that are UNDER 1000 words, and typically even less than that. A picture book should have a “perfect marriage” between the text and the illustrations to tell the complete story.  If you have over 1000 words, I am happy to work with you to get your word count down and discuss which parts of the story could easily be told with illustrations only.

Blogging/Website Help Package

If you need help setting up or maintaining a website, Margo can help with this! She uses WordPress and GoDaddy for this site and margoldill.com. She also uses Blogger to blog for WOW! At one time, she was the MO-SCBWI webmaster and updated some pages on the Missouri Writers Guild website, as a member of the board. Websites are a necessity for today’s business–whatever it is.

She can also help you come up with content for your blog/website and write it.

She is NOT a website designer, so these would be websites/blogs using the tools provided by WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Weebly, or a similar program .

Regular cost is $50 an hour. Buy a package for at least 5 Hours oF work for $200.00 (Savings of $50.00)
Regular Cost for a blog Post Can Range from $30 and up, depending on the Business, The Length of the post, and the amount of research that needs to be done. However, if you buy a package of 3 posts, you save 25% off the regular cost.
If you buy a package of 6 posts, you save 35% off the regular Cost.

Marketing Plan Packages

Do you need help with a marketing plan? If you are an author or a small business owner whose audience is authors, the best way to work with me to create your marketing plan is to take my WOW! Women On Writing class, which is currently on sale! Go to this page here to sign up.

Regular Price $155.00
Current Sale Price for Winter/Spring 2019 is $99.00