Week 2 The Assignment

Hi all:
I just sent you the link to this post as well as the blank WORD DOC for part two of the questions you are filling out to prepare for creating your entire marketing plan during week 5. Hopefully by listening to Sara and Camille’s interviews as well as reading the supplemental articles and having discussions with me over email, you will have a good grasp on some of the items you definitely want to include on your marketing plan when we get to that on week 5. (During weeks 3 and 4, you will be creating some specific marketing items based on your needs and your audience.) 


Anyway, here is the PDF version of the week 2 worksheet if you prefer that. 

Here is the blank one: Week 2 Part 2

And here it is filled out as a sample: Week 2 Part 2 SAMPLE

Like I said last week, try to fill out every part; but if you feel like something just doesn’t work for you or your book, you can say that. If you need help or suggestions, please let me know.

I think what is really important about this week is thinking about the marketing in two ways: ONE: what you will do when your book or series first comes out

TWO: what you will do to continue marketing your work BESIDES continuing to write more books in your genre.

One thing no one has brought up much yet is …if you’re a writing a series, one strategy is to offer book one for free or a low price, so that people will get hooked and then buy books two and three and so on.

Or if you have a new book out, you can offer it for a lower price, hoping people will get hooked and want to read something else written by you. This can be both a SPIKE MARKETING tactic and a long-term marketing tactic.

As always, questions are welcome in the comments below. Please return homework to me by Wednesday, February 6 at 5pm CST.



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