Getting to Know Me as an Editor and Writer

Sometimes, writers like to get to know their editor before they are hired. I never really thought much about this until one of my writing friends, Sioux, who is considering hiring me as an editor for her novel, wrote a blog post about that here.

She said, “No, I bought the book to spy on Margo… to examine what writing choices she made… to try and find out what makes Margo tick as a writer.

Why? Why am I interested in getting into her head? Why have I become a stalker? I want to get into Margo’s head because I want to know if she’ll get into my manuscript. Somehow, I think that as I read her words and get engrossed in the story she’s spun, I’ll feel a connection, a certainty that she will appreciate the story I’ve crafted.”

Click that link above to read more about Sioux and her decision!

So I thought I would point you to an interview I did recently with Kathryn Schliech on her blog, which is fantastic by the way.  I have worked with her as an instructor and as her editor. Here are a couple highlights of the interview…

KS: What inspires you? I also love that you’ve incorporated a line from Wicked’s “Defying Gravity” as a way of pursuing your dreams.

MD: People’s stories inspire me. Wanting to leave something my daughter will be proud of inspires me. Wanting to help others who have had similar experiences as myself also is inspiring.

KS: What’s the best advice you could give her or any struggling writer?

MD: My advice for struggling writers is to follow their heart. Writing is not easy. Figure out what you want from writing—do you want a career? Do you just want a place to express yourself? Then figure out the steps it takes to meet your goals. And don’t expect it to happen overnight. If you want a career in writing, it takes work and education (you don’t have to take classes, but you need to read blogs and books and work at it). Finally, surround yourself with writers—hopefully, you live someplace, like St. Louis, where there are multiple writing groups to join. But if not, there are a ton of online groups—get yourself in one that fits you, and you will see your writing grow!

To read the entire interview, go here.

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